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Luke’s Kingdom (1974)

released on DVD 21th February 2011

Director: Peter Weir, Peter Hammond
Producer: ITV and Channel 9 Australia
Role: Lead Role of Luke Firbeck

In 1829 the Firbeck family set sail for Australia with a promise of land granted to them by the Crown. But when they arrive, they find that an administrative error in Whitehall means their land has already been assigned to someone else.

They become squatters - settling on Crown land outside the official limits of occupation. Successful squatters prospered, but without the protection of the law they had to defend their lands themselves and survive the harsh wilderness unaided.

Luke's Kingdom was a major Anglo-Australian collaboration. The executive producer was Tony Essex, and among the directors was Englishman Peter Hammond ("Spring and Port Wine", "Inspector Morse"), and Australian Peter Weir ("Picnic at Hanging Rock", "Gallipoli", "Fearless", "The Truman Show").

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