Biography Film Stage Television Voiceover  
'Arthur of The Britons' (1971)
Producer: HTV and ZDF
Role: Lead Role of King Arthur
Co-Stars: Michael Gothard, Jack Watson, Brian Blessed, Gila von Weitershausen

'Luke’s Kingdom' (1974)
Director: Peter Weir, Peter Hammond
Producer: JTV and Channel 9 Australia
Role: Lead Role of Luke Firbeck
''Jesus of Nazareth' (1976)
Director: Franco Zeffirelli
Producer: Lew Grade
Role: Zal
Co-Stars: Robert Powell, Anne Bancroft, Ernest Borgnine
'Smuggler' (1980)
Director: Jim Goddard
Producer: HTV, Paul Knight
Role: Jack Vincent
Co-Stars: Lesley Dunlop
'Robin of Sherwood' (1985)
Producer: Granada TV
Role: Bertrand de Nivelle
Co-Stars: Michael Praed
'Sherlock Holmes' (1985)
Role: Captain Crocker
Co-Stars: Jeremy Brett
'Mountain Men: A Dangerous Kind of Love' (1986)
Producer: BBC Bristol
Writer: Fay Weldon
Role: Melchior Anderegg
'Adventurer' (1986)
Director: Chris Bailey
Producer: JTV and TV New Zealand
'Boon' (1988)
Producer: CEntral TV
Co-Stars: Michael Elphick
'Der Schattenspieler' (1989)
Role: Jungle Pilot in 12 part series in Thailand
'Flash the Photographer' (1991)
Producer: Taurus Films, Germany for ZDF
Role: Title Role
'Glückliche Reise' (1992)
Producer: Scorpio Films, Germany
Role: Guest Star
'Donauprinzessin' (1992)
Producer: ORF, ZDF, Klingsor Film Production
Role: Starring role of Captain
'Das Traumschiff' (1993)
Producer: Klingsor, ZDF Production
Role: Guest star, as writer
'Eurocops' (1993)
Producer: Condor Film, Zurich
Role: Guest star as crook
'The Knock II' (1995)
Director: Jerry Poulson
Producer: Bronson Knight Productions
Role: Lead Role of Alan Montfort
'Sharpe’s Waterloo' (1996)
Producer: Sharpe Films
Role: Rebeque
'Real Women' (1997)
Producer: Carlton TV
Role: Guest Star
'Klinik unter Palmen' (1998)
Director: Otto Retzer
Producer: Worthersee Film
Role: Mexican Surgeon

'Der Bestseller' (1999)
Producer: Wörthersee Film, Austria
Co-Stars: Ottfried Fischer

'Holby City' (2002)
Producer: BBC Television
'Under White Sails' (2004)
Producer: ZDF Productions (Germany)
'Unter weißen Segeln' (2005)
Director: Walter Bannert
Role: Yussuf Arazi
Co-Stars: Gila von Weitershausen, Michael Degen

'Mord in bester Gesellschaft' (2006)
Producer: Lisa Film
Role: Comissario Santa Cruz

'Abschiedsmorgen' (2006)
Producer: UFA Berlin ZDF
Role: Father

'Hunkeler macht Sachen' (2008)
Producer: PS Film Zürich
Director: Markus Fischer
Role: Thomas Garzoni
Co-Stars: Mathias Gnädinger, Charlotte Heinimann
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